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Local culture, wisdom, and philosophies from Filipino life

Photo by Denniz Futalan from Pexels

I grew up with my grandmother while both of my parents were working abroad. I pretty much grew up with people who are three decades older than me, and I often hear these proverbs.

As I recall my younger years in the Philippines, there are some Filipino sayings that I’ve learned when I was young, and they still have value in my life that I want to share.

Filipino Proverbs That We Can Learn From:

1.) Habang may buhay, may pag-asa.

In English: While there is life, there is hope.

→ I heard one of the pastors in our church in the Philippines said, “You can lose everything, just don’t lose hope.”. I…

Thank you for the tragedy; I need it for my art

Photo By the author: — Rainna

It has been a year since we have met. Six months since the last time we’ve spoken, a short time that lasts forever in my memories.

Months have passed by, and I still write about you. I don’t know when I’m going to stop tapping my keyboard non-stop to write about how you loved me and bled toward me dry. Your words were weightless as an empty cup pouring down with rain. I call it false promises. Your love is like a cloudy sky and a clap of thunder without rain.

I need your flaws to please my murky world…

Photo by the author: – RAINNA

Here’s another “About Me” story. I’m so fascinated to introduce myself twice here on my favourite platform. Introducing myself in high school was a nightmare. On the first day of class for four subjects in high school, I had to stand up in front of our class and introduce myself. Some teachers wanted to have a “fun game” introducing ourselves. One “fun game” I remember was thinking of a word starting with the letter of my name followed by my first name and which classes I have in the semester. Here’s what I said, “Hi, my name is Rabbit Rainna…

I love God, and I should live according to His Words

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

I was thirteen years old when I gave my life to Jesus. I fell in love with the words of God, and I felt His presence when I encountered Him.

I have read the Bible from front to back twice. I used to read the Bible every day and did my devotions. I would write the passage that struck me the most in the chapter I have read in the Bible. Then, I would write it down and share it on Facebook.

The reasons why I posted a lot of Bible quotes

I had three reasons why I posted a lot of Bible quotes.

1.) One of the reasons why…

Why I deleted my Snapchat?

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

In 2018, I deleted my Snapchat, and it is for good. I used Snapchat throughout my high school life, and I’s post everything on Snapchat every day. It was hard for me to leave Snapchat because of the Snapchat filters that could make me prettier. Also, it was fun to use funny filters when you’re taking a stolen picture of your friends.

Still, my friends on Snapchat and Instagram didn’t make me feel I had to delete my Snapchat. But I felt the need to delete it because it was affecting my self-image. …

Who deserves a kid’s sized*ck anyway?

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

I tried Tinder for fun and to see the hype about it that almost everyone around me is using this dating app.

I met Ben on Tinder, and I went out for a day with him. The next day, Ben sent me an unsolicited picture of his private part, and to my surprise, it wasn’t satisfying at all. I mean, who wants to see a kid’s sized d*ck of a 25-year-old adult anyway?

Tinder Isn’t For Me

Let me begin by saying that, Tinder is not for me, but I’m not saying it is not for you too. You still have to do what…

#4. Writing every day is not the measure of success

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

I have read many articles saying that we should be writing consistently and even daily to be “successful” on this platform.

I am desperate to be “successful” because I felt like I am not successful enough. I felt like I wasn’t good enough to write or even publish an article online. I wanted to achieve more and get recognized as a great writer.

I’m grateful for some accomplishments I have as a writer; earning 25 cents from an article I wrote is an accomplishment, but I felt unsuccessful because I compared myself to other writers. I compared myself with how…

Depression is a monster in the head

Photo by Maria Lysenko on Unsplash

NOTE: I can only speak for myself, and my experiences

I went for three months of therapy (November 2020-January 2021) while working part-time and studying full time. One of the things that my therapist said to me was that depression is useless. Which I guess was accurate.

I’ve dealt with severe depression and low mood. I couldn’t think of any solution to my problems (yes, with an “S” because many of them). I was thinking about how I would survive if I only work part-time. …

#3. It’s too draining to write an article you’re not an expert about

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

I write pretty much every day, but sometimes I decided not to publish my written articles. I wrote over a hundred articles in five months of writing on my favourite writing platform, and I reread some of my pieces. It makes me cringe reading some of my published stories. I thought to myself, “why did I publish this article, and what was I thinking when writing it?.”

I published an article a few months ago about Adam and Eve, and it sounds like I was making fun of them for sinning at the beginning of life. I wrote that article…


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