Twelve years young who entered a relationship

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“Let’s break up, because my parents doesn’t want it and we’re too young. Can you wait for me?”

— Me to my first boyfriend at twelve years old :)

I was heartbroken and crying when I was telling this to my first boyfriend. Now, as I think about it, it makes me laugh!

I wanted to share this because the lessons I got from when I broke up with him still have value in my life up to this day.

I had my first boyfriend when I was twelve years old. Yes, I flirted before I start my teenage years…

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Here’s another “About Me” story. I’m so fascinated to introduce myself twice here on my favourite platform. Introducing myself in high school was a nightmare. On the first day of class for four subjects in high school, I had to stand up in front of our class and introduce myself. Some teachers wanted to have a “fun game” introducing ourselves. One “fun game” I remember was thinking of a word starting with the letter of my name followed by my first name and which classes I have in the semester. Here’s what I said, “Hi, my name is Rabbit Rainna…

I forgot the most prominent and essential thing for work, and I have some tips on practicing self-discipline.

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Have you heard this phrase: “the first thing you need to do when you wake up is to make your bed.”? This statement explains that when you fix your bed first when you wake up, you accomplished a task, and when you completed a job, you will do more to achieve your duties you have set for the day.

What about this? Have you heard this phrase: “prepare everything you need for the upcoming day before you go to bed at night”? …

Local culture, wisdom, and philosophies from Filipino life

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I grew up with my grandmother while both of my parents were working abroad. I pretty much grew up with people who are three decades older than me, and I often hear these proverbs.

As I recall my younger years in the Philippines, there are some Filipino sayings that I’ve learned when I was young, and they still have value in my life that I want to share.

Filipino Proverbs That We Can Learn From:

1.) Habang may buhay, may pag-asa.

In English: While there is life, there is hope.

→ I heard one of the pastors in our church in the Philippines said, “You can lose everything, just don’t lose hope.”. I…

A Limerick poem

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Pain? I don’t know how to deal with it
Is there a special kit?
To mend a broken heart?
Healing you can “add to cart.”
The pain made my life look like sh*t

Let’s break it down:

Pain? I don’t know how to deal with it
I’ve been broken a lot, and I honour my emotions; when I wrote this poem, my guy flirtatiously talked to my friend, but my guy didn’t know that she was my friend, and my friend didn’t know that I already liked him. I was hurt. I didn’t know how to deal with it, but I managed to…

Damaged but not broken

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I was having a coffee in my backyard, and I was contemplating about my life in general. I thought to myself, “it’s actually good that I was born a woman.”.

I am grateful to be a woman because I know how it feels like to be a woman. Life is not easy for both men and women, everyone has different life experiences, and I can only speak for myself.

When I was a young kid, I was curious about how it feels like to become a boy. I have two older brothers, and I was lucky enough that my dad…

Prompt: What final pre-pandemic memory do you keep returning to?

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I was full of dreams at the beginning of 2020, but all those dreams and ambitions disappeared just like a bubble.

I remember having a journal with me; mind you, it was a dotted journal notebook! I wrote my plans in 2020, such as getting my G2 driver's license, applying for a membership at indoor rock climbing, and thinking about looking for kickboxing training with the rink. I was training for kickboxing for four months before the pandemic, but I wanted to be trained in kickboxing in the rink to feel the movement.

I was ready to face my challenges…

It took me time, but here I come. I accepted it all

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And if you don’t love your past, you can make peace with it and find a new home now. — Orla Kenny

I came across Orla Kenny’s poem, and the line above struck me the most.

We may have unpleasant memories, heartbreaks, and bad mistakes, but we cannot live carrying them together with us. It’s true that if we don’t like the past, we can make peace with it. We can leave it in the past.

I know how hard it is to “just forget it,” but as I always write on how I walk on through broken roads, I…

An open letter to every customer who feels entitled to disrespect food workers

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Dear entitled customers,

Just because you are a customer doesn’t mean you have the right to disrespect us. Don’t feel entitled just because we serve you. We are human beings like you! You are not special just because you are a freaking customer. We don’t need your junky attitude, so if you want to feel entitled, GET OUT!! You don’t have a place here.

Your $20 spent buying some food from our restaurant wouldn’t add to our profit. You’re complaining that you have to wait for three minutes to get your fries? How much are our fries? Not even five…

A Limerick Poem

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A morning with the spring breeze
I wanted to make a sandwich with cheese
An iced coffee in hand
I’m planning to get tanned
I see the blue skies and dancing trees

I wrote this poem in May this year. I was delighted to see a sunny day because I was sick of winter and cold weather.

I was looking forward to hiking with my family, and I was hoping to hike with a friend; yes, I went hiking with a friend a few days ago, and yes, I went hiking a few times with my family.

I love hiking…


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